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Friday, 23 April 2010

No One Expects Comic Relief!

Not widely known is the fact that I live in the wilds of Ontario, Canada.

In the springtime, we have various pleasures and pests. One of the pests had a song written about 60 years ago to memorialize it.

It is not the usual navel-gazing you have come to expect. Hope you enjoy this production from Canada's national gem, the NFB.

We go crazy for other reasons up here in God's country!



  1. Thanks Jenny. I was just about to pull this because it is a bit silly and even if I am sometimes in a silly mood, the whole world doesn't have to know, do they?


  2. Its good to be silly sometimes.
    I liked it, and it was definately original.

  3. Silly is not what I recall black flies (and deer flies and horse flies and all the rest of their wild fly buddies) driving me to. It was closer to insanity as I remember it. But anyway, we are all silly at times. It helps keep the world in the right perspective.

  4. Aw...the black flies. Somehow, I knew that was the subject before I even played the video. I know them well from my days in New England. One lands on you and bites a chunk out of your arm.

    Don't have them here in Cali. We do have rattlesnakes, however.

    Calie xxx