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Saturday, 26 February 2011

As It Should Be?

Dreams have never been a part of what has been included here, until this morning. Last night was a first of its kind and unusual in a very important way.

Mostly I have dreams where I might know others in the dream, but I am rarely 'myself' in it. I had a frightening dream about our daughter a few nights ago. In that dream, I was a doctor in some unfamiliar setting where our daughter had been injured. It scared me so much that I was unable to go back to sleep until I had sent off an email asking her to let us know everything was all right. She is fine thank you, although I was very unsettled until I established that fact.

From last night's dream all that is left is a few fragments, but what I do remember is that in that significant dream, I was myself. I was with my family (the kids were a lot younger) visiting a museum of some sort in an unfamiliar city. We were having a good time. So what is so special to mention? Well, as I say in the dream I was myself. That is quite different. But not only that, I was female and myself. There was a shock of realization (a lucid dream all of a sudden), that things were not as they usually are, and then I checked my 'dream self' out, and realized everything was fine. I hadn't forgotten to put on my skirt or some such thing… everything was, as it should be.

When I had that unsettling dream about our daughter being injured, my sweetie reminded me that dreams do not come true. In that case, I was relieve to say, she was right. About last night? Hmm...

p.s. Could it be that this dream was a gift sent from an alternate self, one who transitioned? Now there is a dream worth having.


  1. Perhaps your first dream was your subconscious telling you to contact your daughter. Perhaps she has been on your mind and the dream was putting in a way you couldn't ignore.
    I think lucid dreams are a gift from where ? Who knows ? You never know you might get that one.

  2. Amazing dream... I'm the 'anonymous' who posted about your manifesto a few moments ago. Apparently I now have a Google account. How do I contact you if I don't have Outlook Express?

    Feel free to delete this neophyte crap from your beautiful website. In case its not obvious, I'm on sarahthompson2011@hotmail.com and am genetically male.

  3. I knew what you meant right away when you wrote "myself." :)

    I am not one to read significance into dreams, but certainly they can be intriguing -- or disturbing, or both. Here's hoping for more intriguing and not disturbing dreams!

  4. Halle,

    I am one of the 'lurkers' out here. Looking back over my personal journal I assume my own writing style not terribly interesting. Perhaps that is the low self esteem in me ... but so it goes. I 'lurk' though due to the tremendous wealth of anecdotes & information found on everyone else's space in this small corner of the blogosphere.

    Dreams to me have always held much interest. Having spent much of my life immersed in Sci-fi and Fantasy (as one of my ways to escape reality) I've felt many dreams to be interesting, if not (dare I say) entertaining. Within my own dream world I have experienced a few times here & there being female, fewer times as male. But most of the time in my imaginary realm I feel neither male or female, I just am. No perceived gender, just existence. Funny thing, that vaguely resembles how I spent my earlier life, just existing. I'm sure the specialists would have some profound words to say about that ... but so it goes.


  5. Hey Mikayla, great to hear from you!

    It is a funny thing about the androgynous existence in dreams; I can very much relate.

    Not everyone wants to create a blog, but commenting is a great way to stay connected. Lurk no more! :)


  6. Hi Halle,

    It was a weekend for dreams for I too had a vision. I hope to detail it in a post as soon as I can.


  7. Perhaps our dreams serve as psychic relief valves, allowing our alter egos to emerge without fear or danger.

  8. What an awful dream to have about your daughter, Halle. As your sweetie says, dreams do not come true, and that is a good thing.

    As far as being yourself...well, I guess we can always dream. I have not, however, had one of those dreams for a long time.

    Calie xxx

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