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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Negative vs Positive

This morning my meditation on love was immediately followed by the impulse to blog on the idea that the use of negative images to make others behave 'properly' in place of the use of love has poisoned our world.

It seems devils and demons sell better than angels.

Even something as ubiquitous as the saying "Don't forget to …. " in place of the simple and positive "Remember to … " demonstrates this tendency. I have personally attempted this replacement in my own language with good success, but it has never caught on in others around me. Try it next time you are about to remind someone... "remember" is positive.

Somewhere along the line guilt and shame to discourage replaced the use of love to encourage.

Can we fix this, or is it too insidious a force in our world?
More on this soon.


  1. I needed to read this and will remember to try behaving properly in future.
    Thank you for this and l'oeuf to you.

  2. Well done Leslie! You have made my point exactly.... do you suppose anyone would have 'remembered' the alamo if we had said 'don't forget'? :)

    As for my l'oeufing friend from the great white north. OOOO to you too!! :D

    This is what friends are for. xox