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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Some Help Maintaining The Façade?

I have been at this project in cyberland for closing in on two years.

In an early post, my very clear objective was set out with the words

Unless it becomes obvious that I cannot be the best person I know how to be while staying in the body I came with, I am not going to risk losing the people who I love. 

There is a blog "Bree's Tea..." that I have been following for a long time. Bree's final post in 2011 was in April; a very long pause for some bloggers. She is posting again now, so no worries. In fact, her latest post brings renewed hope for achieving my very clear objective.

In Being Transsomething, Bree writes

"The subject matter is can it be beaten…the short answer is yes.  Can you keep your sanity, again yes you can.  How does one slay the dragon, well that’s not so easy…"

Bree has my full attention because this is an issue way too important to me to risk missing out. She says, it isn't going to be easy. Let's face it, nothing about this condition has been easy. What has seemed to be the only viable treatment, transition, is far from easy.

I am keeping an open mind. No two of us are alike, so what works for Bree may not work for me, or you. She has promised to post a series on this topic, and she has also promised there is a lot of learning along the way to beating, or at least having a chance to beat this condition.

In her banner, she asks "Won't you come sit and share a cup?"

My answer is yes thank you Bree.

Perhaps you might join me over there.

Post-script a year later:
Sadly, Bree has not blogged any further on this topic. 
It may be (just my interpretation) that the act of blogging itself is counter to the desire to fully eliminate the need for a façade.

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  1. Thank you Halle. I have signed on to follow Bree's blog and get some education, along with I suspect, many more of us here.