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Sunday, 19 August 2012

For All We Know

How can a year have passed already?

She left a comment on July 2, the day I posted, writing 
"Those who I love the most in this world, know
and accept the real me.
"Since I have gotten older, I realize that I am me, regardless of what I am wearing." 

She and I loved the same sort of music; an eclectic collection ranging from the great American songbook to Beethoven. Hers, the first comment on that post and her last ever to me, was a comment so close to my heart. She wrote 
"Love Cole Porter, love Natalie Cole, Love the song!"

The song that day was Every Time We Say Goodbye.  

It makes me cry to think of the irony. How could I know we were so near to our last goodbye?

A year ago today was her last day; meandering over, and soon to be at peace.

If there is an afterlife, nobody gets to send messages in this direction from there, but perhaps she can feel this coming from so many of us who she touched here.
Miss you Melissa. 


  1. You are far from alone in missing her, she touched so many hearts...

  2. I pray that she is with her twin sister, and now enjoying the happyist time of her life. God bless. May she truely rest in peace. Karen

  3. Halle, thanks for remembering Melissa. She was a dear friend of so many.

  4. Halle,

    I Melissa was one of the first who I followed as I was starting to begin a journey I didn't know I was on. Her blog resonated with me in a way that few had, especially when she spoke of experiences in childhood. Like you, I miss her dearly. I am sorry that she wasn't able to travel the journey to the lengths many of us do, but happy to know she made peace somehow with this.

    Bless you dear Melissa. We remember fondly the fingernails of youth.


  5. 'Melissa's Meanderings' still appears when I click on my list of favorites.
    A village nearby is named Piedmont. I think of Melissa and HER Piedmont often.

  6. There are so many things to remind us of someone like Melissa, whose life intertwined into ours aren't there?
    Her picture comes up sometimes when I am scanning over my gmail contacts.

  7. Another year already???

    There are hardly a few days at a time that go by that I don't seem to think of Melissa. Some thing or another always seems to remind me of her and something she has said.

    Miss her?... it's so much more than that... I can only pray that I will see her again when I finally get to heaven.

    Hugs to you Halle... and to everyone here... Remember, life here is so very short... eternity is eternity! Please be very sure where you will spend it.

    Cynthia XX

  8. Halle, what a beautiful and touching tribute to your dear friend Melissa. Being new here, I never knew Melissa, but I just took the time to find her blog, scan several posts and read in its entirety he last posts and all 55 comments that were offered strikingly as she suffered and even after she had passed.
    I am struck by how such a beautiful voice and a life courageously lived touched so many others for such good! I believe we all share the responsibility to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort, so I stand with each of you who knew Melissa and say yes! There is an afterlife and you will see your dear friend again in a more perfect way and place. Love to you all, Laurie Hall.

  9. Thank you Halle for reminding us about Melissa's one year passing anniversary. I say she was my friend, something that I don't say about people much. She was an understanding, loyal, caring friend. Once when my wife and I were "down and out" she even offered to send me a check to help us through a tough time. I couldn't and wouldn't accept help, but who does something like that? She was a beautiful person and still is living in my memory.