"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Hey!... I Got A Social Disease!!

I have a   condition ...  situation  .....  reality I live with.  

If this 'reality' is the real me, then I shouldn't be trying to fix ... hmm... alter myself should I?

Because I was made like this, I should therefore live with a man's body and a woman's brain rattling around like a tigress caged. Full stop. End of story.  Ahh, no to that, thank you. 

Therefore, "renovations" continue and this 'reality' will become a more reasonable one. I have promised myself that.

Laurie at Who Am I Really? asked the question "Do I Really Have a Condition?" in her latest post. This isn't just semantics.

Thanks for getting me thinking Laurie.

Thank Leonard Bernstein for the title and this...


  1. You're so welcome, my head has been bursting with these thoughts the past 24 hours, so I am glad to share the insomnia!! Laurie.

  2. Insomnia there too? But Laurie, there is nothing wrong with us. Why are we losing sleep? :)

  3. Why are we losing sleep? At least in my case it's going through the process of explaining to my world, one person at a time, that the man they thought they knew is a transwoman and it is really perfectly alright!
    Especially when I am still trying to figure it out myself!!
    Hugs, Laurie.

  4. "HE" needs an analyst's care???

    Nice post, Halle, but the title did scare me!

    @Laurie - Nice post also!

    Calie xxx

  5. ha! We were singing 'Gee, Officer Krupke' while cooking dinner last night. As you do.... morning earworm *on*

    1. hehe, you know you have true earworm material when you remember such lyrics after forty years. Finding and confirming on YouTube is just a bonus!

      ...it's just our bringingupke that gets us out o' hand...


  6. I read this sentence somewhere "underneath our chosen veneer we are human minds in physical bodies, and beautiful for it - in spite of all our sins, failings, weaknesses and posturings.
    Why lose sleep over being a beautiful human being?

  7. Hmm, Laurie's comment about explaining who she is to the world is certainly a part of the answer to the loss of sleep.

    Ellena, being a beautiful human being yourself (and yes I am too by the way and thank you for the opening, :), ) you might not relate to my situation (one that continues to feel dishonest) too well.

    It is all well and good to be beautiful inside, but hiding that beauty behind a façade of maleness while putting up with the distractions of maleness is wearing me down. Like Laurie, I too am in a process of conversion (more another time). Deciding who needs to know the details in my life and who should find out in good time occupies a good deal of my mental energy at five in the morning these days.

    I do get a good six or seven each night, so not to worry.