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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Not Alone ~ If Only We Were

While I was away on a holiday, my computer (bless its microprocessors) continued to find and download messages like a lifeline, from friends and strangers alike.

TED talks have often been a source of inspiration (see the link for Brené Brown to the side), but today I opened and listened to Shane Koyczan, Canadian Spoken Word Poet and Writer perform To This Day.

If you aren't one of the millions who have experienced this performance, then I suggest today might just be a good day, whether you were bullied, or you were the bully, to remind yourself that you, like Shane, survived and are beautiful.


  1. Absolutely brilliant and well told. I can relate to this having myself been bullied throughout my childhood and early adulthood.

    Shirley Anne

  2. Shane's heart came through in a way that was, as you say Shirley Anne, brilliant.

    I rarely send my email address to receive updates on a project, but if my ideas or actions can further this fight against bullying, I want to know about it.

    Here is a link to get "To This Day" project updates:


  3. Is it possible to have been bullied to an extend where one got addicted to it and one in later years resorts to self-bullying?
    Just asking.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, Halle.

    1. As one who has been coached heavily by a wonderful therapist to find ways to counter it, I can assure you it is possible Ellena. It seems to me the first step to improving such a situation is recognizing self-bullying. It takes many forms.
      I now understand that some of those I loved as a child were bullying me as they themselves had been bullied. They did this without knowing it, as though they were passing along a disease, which is really what it is now that I think of it.

      Thank you for that thought. So happy to be able to share in this search for health.

  4. Halle, thank you for confirming what I thought were weird thoughts of mine. I was tempted to express them but did not find the right way to do it. It was much easier to just put a question out and hope for the answer to be what one would like it to be.
    You made my day.

  5. Long after a bully's voice has been hushed, long after everyone else has forgotten callous words, we walk around with those voices and those words hanging around our necks, dragging us down.

    We need all the balloons we can find to buoy us up. You and others here in Blogistan have been my balloon Ellena, "making my day" so very often; reminding me that I am beautiful and worthy.