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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Can You Tell?

Maybe the previous post might not show the happy and productive gal at her best. Or maybe it might. 

Yes, I am a happy and productive gal at last. (ed. But isn't that all in your mind Halle?)*. Well, yes, the outer presentation hasn't gone all gal yet, although my collection of very androgynous clothing has come in handy making me feel at least a bit normal. That which is inside, the part that makes me say the gal is productive, is a calm never experienced in my memory. I feel ...right
Reading Tammy's post Everything Changes reminded me that HRT is likely responsible. What a wonderful post it is by the way. She writes:

What I did not expect was what I experienced over the first few weeks and months of my hormone therapy.  Physical changes did occur as expected, but the mental, emotional and possibly even spiritual effects of estrogen on my system were phenomenal.

The changes are subtle physically in my case so far (two months today), but I find it hard to imagine that those mental and emotional effects haven't been noticed. 

My spiritual side has definitely been re-energized as well. And somehow love is finding me unbidden. A wonderful friend sent me a book in the mail yesterday. As is my habit with a book of its sort, this afternoon I opened it at random, and read:

Something mysteriously formed, 
Born before heaven and earth, 
In the silence and the void,
Standing alone and unchanging,
Ever present and in motion. 
Perhaps it is the mother of ten thousand things.
I do not know its name.
Call it Tao. 
For lack of a better word, I call it great.

*With no apologies to my good friend Abigale whose editor makes regular appearances on her blog Abigale's Airings