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Friday, 23 September 2011

A Death in the Family

She was one of the first to welcome me to Blogging, and gave support and new ideas in chats we had. She loved simple and beautiful things, as I do, and yes, I have been missing her for a long time.

Melissa Alison Price left the world on August 20, 2011. My last correspondence with her, three weeks before, was cheery, but short. That was to be expected. She was very ill, and heavily sedated, but of course, that was part of the process of getting better. (sigh)

There will be no more suggestions of some wonderful piece of music we knew the other would love. It is so amazingly sad to remember that never again will her comment pop up when something I have written moves her, or gives her a chuckle. No more news of life in the Piedmont.

My last email to her was sent a week after she died. It included the photo you see. I know she would have loved it, and assumed that once she recovered, she would send me a reply with a LOL in it, because it was just made for her mother's driving.

There is no proof of life after 'death' here on earth. I am not a religious person, but am a spiritual person, and believe in love and I know how powerful that emotion is. If she lives on, it is there, in some vast thing called love that surrounds us and so, I choose to believe that she is 'looking' over someone's shoulder as they read this, laughing at the dog's expression, and remembering that sort of feeling, and she is also reading and feeling all of the love that is flowing in the comment stream of her last post, on July 12, currently up to 44 comments.

Melissa, I miss you now and expect to be missing you for a long time, but not for ever. As Lisa Maria suggested in that comment stream, we will meet again where that love resides, a place even more beautiful than your place in the Piedmont.



  1. She touched so many hearts so intently, I am still lost for words...

  2. When I saw the title of your post, I suspected it might be about Melissa. Wow, she died on the day before her birthday!

    She will be missed.

  3. A friend who dies, it's something of you who dies. - Gustav Flaubert.

    The world feels a bit empty right now. Melissa had an honest and beautiful soul. There are many who are better off having known her. I count myself among them.


  4. She was a beautiful person. I had the good fortune to correspond with he for a while before she passed away. Her inner strength and loving approach to a world that not always was kind always inspired awe in me. I will miss her.

  5. I always enjoyed reading her blog because it was not just about transgender issues, she was truely enjoying life. Stories of her trips to mom's, masterpiece theater, PBS Shows, her books & videos, and of course, home in the Piedmont. She was a good story teller. I'll miss her stories! I do have one thought, about you cartoon, "mom's probably driving better now that there's a angel beside her!"
    Melissa: We loved you
    You shell be truely missed
    May you rest in peace
    Karen xx :)

  6. It has been said that we should endeavor to live so that when we pass on even the undertaker will be sorry.

    In this corner of the blogosphere we deal with trans issues and our blogs reflect that, mainly because we have a tough time speaking about it IRL. As such many of them wind up mostly trans centric and little else.

    And then there was Melissa's Meanderings. Reading her posts was a respite to what I usually saw elsewhere and posted myself. Melissa knew something I don't think many of us considered. There is no cardinal rule that says we must post about trans issues. She remembered that writing about living can be more colorful than just writing about living trans. And this I believe is just one of the things that made her blog so unique and such a joy to read.

    Methinks Melissa has left us a legacy. Some to follow and some to carry on. After all sometimes all we need is to meander on the nutritional value of nachos.


  7. Thanks for writing such a great post about Melissa.

    I think she would certainly have smiled at the picture :)


  8. I am very sorry for your loss, Halle. I am pleased to have learned the sad news from your pen because your soul shines through all of your words. I also miss Melissa's writing.
    Soft pats on your back.

  9. Karen and Sarah both have highlighted one of Melissa's endearing qualities; she could write about her daily life and it was never boring. As Kathryn observes, she had a loving approach to the world. Melissa noticed and wrote so well about that world from her unique perspective.

    Thanks to all for adding your feelings here.


  10. If I may Add second comment:
    From melissa's blog "Dark Day are Looming",Tueday, Oct 13 2009 (about the lost of her sister), the comment from The Crossdresser's Friend who wrote:
    I've always been fascinated with twins; always believing that they share a deep cosmic commitment to one another and to the world. She was there with you in birth and I believe you will be there for each other in death. They wait for us. All of the beautiful people we've loved and lost well they wait for us to join them. Your father is waiting for your sister and she will be waiting for you. It's the divine plan. We change form and that is God's real grace to us. You're such a strong person. Elegant and strong. I hope you will assure your twin it's okay to go ahead-that you will follow and you'll meet again as you always have and as you always will. You're both transitioning-just in different ways.

  11. Dear Halle.. Thank you for this.. i am still half empty at loosing our dear Mellissa.. She and i, as well as you, and probably many more who would go to her blog on a daily basis.. miss the PM we would have on the side.. my Private Mail will never have mail that i would look for to take away some of my pain.. she was the best.. ..

    Halle.. she will always be with us.. she touched our lives on such a tangible level.. her spirit will never be far away from us........

    Be Blessed dear friend


  12. Thank you Naukishtae. Sometimes words spoken (or written) at just the right time can make all the difference.
    Sometimes words are just not enough.

    Big Hug friend.