"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Random ~ Really?

It takes all kinds to make a world. I know lots of folks who are only happy doing things they have always done, and doing it the same way they have always done it. 
That is not how I roll, as you might have guessed. This is a post about being happy seeing a new idea and understanding it, and maybe embracing it.

I know why this blog got started. It is up there under my sunrise snapshot. I ask myself questions now that never would have occurred to me to ask, let alone explore at that time over four years ago. 
Part of what has happened has to do with how I have chosen to continue to find ways to deal with a distraction that will not go away in my daily life, but somehow, because I feel I must deal with it, I deal with it. That alone leads me along paths not traveled by many. 

The other part of what has happened has to do with you. 

You stop by. You read and react based on those things that are part of your life. Some quickly click a mouse or touchpad and leave. That doesn't change my life. Sorry. Many read and re-read then think of what is here and what it means to them, then decide to say something down there at the bottom, and next thing you know, two things happen. One, I read and it tells me something I hadn't thought of before. Two, and this happens more often than you might guess, I ask myself who this person is and what else they have to say and I go looking for your blog. Sometimes to my great disappointment you have no blog. Perhaps you tweet, or do facetime, but no blog. I don't really do those other social media things (another post perhaps), so then I have to wait until you comment again to learn more of a different way to look at the same thing

Let me get to the point here. Many will suggest that there is guidance in what happens. Some would go a bit over the top and suggest that all of this is a gift from God, which immediately makes me wonder, if God loves me and gives me such wonderful gifts, why is it that others seem to get so neglected? Does God love me but hate them? Just asking...
I will admit that synchronicity puzzles and amazes me. 
Here is a possible thing to think about then I think it is time to get your views on the same idea, or any idea that comes to mind. 

"God helps those who help themselves"

Whatever the truth is, and it could be simple probability, I will continue this path, asking questions and putting it out here for you to read. I know one thing as a certainty; If I had not started this blog my life would be poorer. Much, much poorer. 


So, here below the fold, as Cassidy would say, a big thank you to Ashley in Alberta for including me in her list of bloggers to receive

Of course, attached to this honour are rules:

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Some facts in no particular order:

~ Before starting this blog, I'd never imagined writing anything for anyone else to read. It turns out I love writing, and have even had ideas for a novel, but thank goodness those ideas have yet to grab me by the scruff of the neck and insist on being put down.

~ Taking time to make music both instrumental and vocal is essential to my well-being.

~ I am a good cook, and an even better eater.

~ I continue to struggle with depression. Cannot imagine why…

~ Golf has become a metaphor for life for me, and the more I like myself, the lower the score (that is a good thing by the way). I love being on the golf course no matter what the score. Like my life, competition with someone else never matters to me... Companionship does.

~ By the time I was eight years old, some testing had identified me as a genius. It didn't help (the information that is). To this day I have no idea why money was spent finding out stuff like that, other than it permitted many teachers to comment "Not working to his potential".

~ I have a collection of recordings from 78 rpm's to cd's that fills many meters (big yards) of shelving space. It would take months to listen to it all. I have an ongoing project to digitize the vinyl and shellac part. It has recently occurred to me that most of it is likely already on YouTube and my efforts are unnecessary, but sometimes it is a process that is important, rather than the result.

Nominations for this prestigious award should include every single blog that appears in the list over on the right side (sorry if you use your mobile device you need to load the "web version". As well, to see many, you need to click on show all:

So, who to choose? In the spirit of the above the fold material, here are blogs by folk who have stopped by here not to read about a transexual from Canada, but for other reasons known only to themselves. 
Thank you for making me feel wonderful and appreciated as a person. 


  1. I wonder whether the idea that God helps those who help themselves is only part of the way our perceptors work. (Probably isn't such a word as perceptors - says spellcheck!) Please don't ask for chapter and verse on this because it is only an idea I am beginning to explore, but slowly. If we look at experience from the point of view of energies, or fields, then if they form an interference pattern, let us say, that generates enhancement peaks, could this be interpreted as 'God helping those' etc? The one (only one?) thing that puzzles me of late is the idea of a presumed deity that has no gender, no personality and so on, but which nevertheless is expressed to our perceptivities as that which does have personality and intent. Much meditation and contemplation is required, but not right now.

    Finally, I am truly honoured to find myself on your list.

    1. I am fascinated by our relationship to the eternal. It seems to me that we are in reality part of this energy field. In some amazing fashion we have become superimposed upon matter and for a time we ignore our true nature in order to "have experiences".
      Could " the word made flesh " be so literally true?
      We have adopted personality and intent and that is what those perceptors are insisting must be common to all sentients.

  2. The help I receive has so many sources and appears in so many different ways that I am at a loss to give it the name of God. Acceptance is what helps me. Does that mean that help comes from acceptance and that we are God? Ouch my thoughts are running away.
    You remember when I kind of ran away from you, a few years ago, because of a misunderstood sentence of yours that contained the words 'next level'? Thank you for holding on to me and thank you for making me feel accepted now.

  3. Hi Halle!

    Regarding your list... sit down and start writing, girl; the world awaits The Great Canadian Novel!!! :D

    (My list will be forthcoming in short order, so keep an eye peeled on my little corner of the blogopshere!)

    Thoughtful post as always, girl.Thank you for sharing!


    1. Writing a whole book? A very scary prospect Cass! Maybe... someday.

    2. Have you ever read Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird, Halle? It's a wonderful book about writing. The title comes from an incident that happened when she was a child. Her brother had a book report due on different bird species, and had procrastinated until the night before. He was sitting at the kitchen table, overwhelmed, when his father came over, patted him on the shoulder, and said, "Bird by bird, buddy, bird by bird."

      I think of that story whenever I feel any seemingly impossible task is so overwhelming it paralyzes me. It puts any task - like, say, writing a book - in its proper perspective. :D

      Just some food for thought, Miss H!!!! ;c)


  4. Hi Halle,
    God helps those who help themselves, but God help those who get caught helping themselves ! -my small contribution to humour.
    I think synchronicity need not be surprising, given the wonders of an infinite universe , where existence would seem to have finite possibilities to inevitably display endless patterns of repetition. Maybe we learn something that is new to us , but not new in the eternal circle of existence - conveyed by our educators : For your true nature lies, not concealed deep within you, but immeasurably high above you, or at least above that which you usually take yourself to be. Your true educators and formative teachers reveal to you what the true basic material of your being is, something in itself ineducable (incapable of being educated) and in any case difficult of access, bound and paralyzed: your educators can be only your liberators. (UM3:129 Nietzsche, F. (1983) Schopenhauer as Educator, in Untimely Meditations, Transl. R.J Collingdale, Cambridge University Press, [1874].
    Best wishes

    1. Having often wished to be liberated, I can only be grateful for education, from above, or down under, as the case may be.

  5. Hey Halle, thanks for participating!

    I too didn't realize how much I needed to write until I started blogging, nor did I have any idea how much I would appreciate the interactions and thoughts of other bloggers in the community. I really am grateful for the internet and how it's changed the way we interact with each other.