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Friday, 31 October 2014

Changing Seasons

Every now and then I think about stuff that most people don't. So let's see, for instance waking up and wondering what I can do today to be bothered less by having to present male... yah, that. Most people don't have that to deal with do they? I was reflecting on something else this morning though. Yay! 

I look at the map of where in the world people are who check in on how old Halle is doing and what crazy stuff she is writing about lately and here is what I see:

There is a lot that divides our world I know, but there certainly are lots of us all over the northern hemisphere puzzling over the meaning of our lives. 

If you are in the northern part of that northern hemisphere right now, you are also puzzling over something else; how much longer you can enjoy moderate temperatures and in particular, (if you are Canadian anyway) how much longer precipitation will be something that takes care of itself and doesn't have to be shovelled off the walks and driveways and roads. 

Thanks to radar technology, we can see what precipitation is falling over continental USA and the southern reaches of Canada. (I can recall a time that such a map would have been artificially stopped at the border. Thank you Intellicast!) 

Here is this morning's answer here in the area that includes us in Central Ontario, Canada... 

The blue colour (where we live) represents s.... sn...... arghh!! White, shovelable stuff that falls gently and persistently from the heavens. In cities and towns, snow (there, I wrote it... shudder) will make walking and driving hazardous, at least until we all get used to taking it slow again. 

I actually love snow sometimes. It is clean (at least for a while) and beautiful in a perverse sort of Canadian way. There is nothing quite like a walk in the woods on a cold snowy day. So peaceful. Something that has to be experienced to be believed. 


  1. You must be mad liking snow Halle....Te he. I know what you mean about walking in the woods in the snow though. Nowadays I think the stuff is better on picture postcards. Hereabouts where I live (Southport UK) we seldom get snow even when the rest of the country gets it, for most of the time anyway.

    Shirley Anne x

    1. Canadians are just a little bit crazy, it is true, which comes in handy getting through the winters here! :)

  2. Lovely photo, Halle. Thank you for sharing. :)


    1. Those deer come visiting around our house regularly. Two of the does (maybe those two) had little ones this year and so we've been watching them grow up. Not a bad diversion to compensate for not being able to grow garden plants. They eat anything, including cedar trees as you can see. :)

  3. I love the snow when it first gets here, it's so beautiful.

    I'll definitely be sick of it by April though.

    1. Six months sure is a long time isn't it? O Canada! :-D

  4. I'm sorry that you are constantly berated by thoughts of presenting as male and the continuing battle to distract yourself daily. I bow to your strength and courage for being able to do so.
    I'm sure it's not easy

    1. Thank you Leigh Anne. I must admit that what I feel is more like a stubborn determination, that some days feels like a disregard for my own well-being. On those days, not easy at all.

  5. Hi Halle,
    What did we do before we had radar images - we complained about the weather and included them on shows !
    Your post reminded me of the not so well known song from the musical western “Calamity Jane” entitled “Everyone Complains about the weather” sung by Francis Fryer.
    Fryer is presented by Calamity as a song and dance man who can stand in for the darling Adelaide who cant make it for the "Golden Garter" show on the deadwood stage.
    Although the song was included in the original libretto it was omitted from the well-known musical starring Doris Day. Here is the first verse of the song he sings to convince everyone he can be a substitute - he sings about the weather :
    Oh everyone complains about the weather
    But nobody does anything about it
    Why don’t they simply tell the fellas who complain
    “How could you sell umbrellas if there wasn’t any rain?”
    My friends, it all depends on Mother Nature;
    The laws of compensation still apply;
    The weather may be frightful
    To’ most ev’ryone; but shucks,
    It couldn’t be more delightful
    From the point of view or ducks!
    So, if your still complain about the weather,
    Then why the devil don’t you do something about it?
    Best wishes

    1. Seeing the upside of everything is a great approach, that is certain. I have never seen the movie or the stage production. Maybe there will be a revival somewhere near us someday!

      Thanks and All the Best Lindsay