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Thursday, 3 February 2022

One Final Post - TIME REGAINED

My girlfriend "Caroline" has posted on the tenth anniversary of her visit to the 'spa' in Brighton. It might be her last contribution here in Blogistan. We shall see.

Do stop by and read Groundhog Day and let her know, by visiting, that you were there. Read a few more of her posts keeping in mind that her comment stream isn't working. 

If you leave a comment for her here, she can read and reply. I will leave this up for a long while for that purpose. 


  1. Yes I read and I am so happy for her!

  2. This is for Caroline,
    There are other places to blog. I write at Medium. I have found many of these blogspots and the last post was years ago. They are very interesting yet they stop. Medium has many different subjects but there are quite a few of us girls there.

    1. Thanks for your comment Janina, it is what I hoped more blog readers would have done in the past and would probably have made me continue writing.

      I did investigate the Medium site. It looks a much easier site to navigate and find like minded writers. The paywall idea is a bit off putting but generally the writing quality seemed very good. If I was at the start of my quest for a better life rather than at end and emptied of words I think it would be a good choice. I am leaving a pruned down version of my decade plus of thoughts in the hope that someone may find interest but have no illusions about now being out of touch with current practices. Blogs ending used to confound me, reading and writing was such a help. In the end transition does mean changing and the hope is to reach a new life and when your fellow bloggers have also found their own solutions it is time for another generation to take our place.

      Wish you the best of luck, Caroline