"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

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Friday 22 November 2013

A Gift of Confidence and Understanding

It has often occurred to me that transgender folk are among the most understanding and caring people in the world. Oh, we get angry and go on rants. Mostly we get frustrated by the stubbornness of others in assuming the worst about anyone who does not fit into their tidy binary gender world. Let's face it, we don't fit, no matter how we exhibit our true natures. 

A new blogger has appeared on the scene. She commented on T-Central last weekend. I have met a lot of wonderful people by following the links back to their blog from a comment. Aponee is a wonderful writer, with so much to say.

From her first week, 

The transgender gift: CONFIDENCE!!! 

is only one of several posts that declare that here is a person who will not be apologizing to anyone for being who she is. 

Head over to her blog, and read all of what she has had to say in a matter of two short weeks. 

Thank you for the comment Aponee, and welcome to the blogging world. 

P.S June 2021: Sadly, the blog that was there, is no longer. This is the sad part of blogging. So many remove their story rather than leaving it up so that others can learn something. 

Tuesday 5 November 2013

A Matter of Trust

Life gets complicated when you insist, as I do, on hiding part of yourself from the world. 
A very pleasant part of that complex life is a result of relationships built online during almost four years since a comment and follow-up email began my first online friendship. She was a prolific writer and music lover (we shared that) who lived in the Piedmont, less than half a day's drive away. I always dreamed that someday it would be my good fortune to finally meet her in person. Alas, that was not to be.

I consider myself very lucky now to have many who I have corresponded with. Some I don't hear from anymore; confirmed female now, they have little to say perhaps, and there seems to be an expectation that when we do chat, it is going to include something about being trans, which they have left behind. 

Great care has been taken to avoid references here that might easily lead someone to our door. It isn't that I mistrust everyone. Most of those who correspond with me eventually find out enough that if it mattered to them, they could find out our address, phone number and my birth name. I trust these people. Some I could do the same, but unless one of you invites me to dine (yes please :-) ), I won't be looking to find you. We write about hobbies and travel and what our families are like and sometimes a lot more! Naturally, it depends on who the friend is, and what we have in common, other than the obvious information that originally drew us to one another. 

In a recent post, a reader who lives north of me (as Calie says "You mean there are people north of you!?" LOL) left a comment. I suggested in a reply to them that maybe they could email and we could get to know each other a bit. 

Sadly, there has been no email. I am taking a guess that my anonymous friend didn't click on the button that sends a notice when further comments are posted. 

For "North of Halle"'s benefit, and anyone else who has ever wanted to make that first contact, I have a hotmail dot com address and it is very simple:     rushtonic