"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

- - scatterings of ideas sent to my younger self, a sensitive girl who was fooled into believing she was a boy because of anatomy - -

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Insightful, intelligent commentary

A year ago today, this program was first aired on the HBO; Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Transgender Rights.

I have never heard anyone speak better (or more sarcastically) on the obstacles put in front of us or the seeming celebration of ignorance that is presented as careful thought on transgender rights in America.

This is an entertaining and enlightening program. As depressing as the facts presented are, I came away feeling wonderful to have heard someone in the media debunking the nonsense that passes too often for common sense in the media, or in the halls of government.

Sunday 19 June 2016

A short update on the beginning of the rest of my life

What a marvel we humans are! Perhaps it is part of our evolutionary advantage at work here, after all, we are the most adaptive species on the planet, for in a very short time after abandoning all pretence of maleness, so much has become very matter-of-fact that not so long ago would have brought a rise in blood pressure at the very least. 

A few weeks ago now, I participated in a concert with a local musical group. Without going into huge detail, I was up front at the concert at three different times, and spoke to the audience as well, as part of that. My voice is still very much a work in progress, but I simply did my best, and it worked out fine. 

As well, my usual black slacks and shirt were replaced by a little black dress, and some subtle, but meaningful jewelry. The only comments, and they came from some of the other gals in the group, were of the nature "If I had legs like that I'd be wearing that dress too!".  We laughed and kept one another relaxed before and during the concert. Afterwards we partied.

I felt calm and happy all the way through, with only the typical nervousness that comes when one cares about doing well. 

One other thing to report is one more piece of the necessary paperwork to move forward safely as myself arrived this past week. I have a birth certificate in my name and with the letter F in the correct spot; official recognition that an error was made a long time ago, but we have remedied that. 

By the way, Happy Fathers' Day to all of you who have had the pleasure to be one. As confusing as it might be for my children to have to introduce a woman as their father, it is something I would never, ever deny. I am always going to be their Dad. I hope they will always be proud to be my children, whatever they decide to call me. 

Sunday 12 June 2016

Sure, it's a good blog, but this is too good

I love a puzzle and this one is too good for me to keep to myself. Something really interesting is happening here at Two Spirits.

For many years, this blog was my lifeline. I would write a post and then stop by regularly to see whether any comments came in, and whom they were from. People who are now fast friends were found this way. There are quite a few people who I would hear from regularly back then and who are no longer blogging or commenting, and, sadly, some no longer correspond. I will admit that online friendships do seem to have a lifespan, unless they are taken to another level somehow.

The other interesting part of blogging and commenting is the 'hit count'. In 2010 when it began, my monthly number of visits (including my own from time-to-time to comment or check something) were in the range of 1500, which was quite gratifying.

Over 350 posts have been published here since April 2010 and the total number of 'hits' has been close to 140 000, as of today. It should be noted, however, that in June 2011, there was some sort of anomaly; 4500 visits in that month alone, and half of those from Russia in one great rush. I've always wondered what that was about.

Since then, up to about six weeks ago, the count was fairly steady, rising briefly when new posts went up and staying steady otherwise at about 1500 to 2000 per month. The site exceeded 100 000 in late 2015.

Here is the thing of interest: In May alone this year, there have been over 10 000 visits and since the first of June, the daily average is 600 to 1000. Not only is that interesting, there is a strange pattern of usage with huge peaks of use.

As well, the statistics reveal that in the past week (shown above graphically) 97% of visits were from the U.S. (always my main audience) whereas the all-time rate for the U.S. is about 50%. Also, this past month 97% of visitors were using Chrome (this is not an advert) and 93% were using Macintosh.

Please, if you know what is going on here, tell me!