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Wednesday 26 May 2010

Reporting From Control Central - Conversation Part 2

(continued from Part 1)

There is a typical male attitude for you. He is making me this oh so wonderful façade, so I can hide behind it, hide behind him and, what? Just what is it he thinks I am going to do, wash dishes; clean the house? He wants me to be here to support him and do his thinking for him, then quietly step back into the shadows again so the world can believe he is this amazing metro guy who can do anything. I don’t feel any new mind warping drugs in my part of this brain, yet he is acting as though he is smoking some pretty good…well, you know.

His idea about the ‘femme side’ being locked away is pretty convenient but not quite accurate. The previous description pretty much sums it; he has had his façade for a long time, thanks to me. Every decent thought he has had, that was in the least bit original, has been from me. It was not a good idea to have him worrying about us, with so many other things to worry about, so I have delayed self-gratification. Pretty wise for such a young dame, huh? ☺

The name he dreamed up for me is kinda cute and suits me pretty well. Mistress Halle sounds better at the moment, though. That might sound as if it has kinky connotations, so we’ll keep that between us. O.K.? It is such fun to keep a man dangling.

Until he can come up with something better, (and you know that will be an idea sent from ‘she who must be obeyed’, hehe) I will allow him to go with the current plan and help him shore up that façade of his too. You can bet I’ll continue keeping him on edge though. I have learned a few feminine ways over the years!

Don’t expect to hear much from ol’ slim, by the way. In spite of what you might have been encouraged to believe, he has been pretty inarticulate over the years. Together we make a decent person. He needs to get used to that, and figure out a better way to deal with me existing in his world. I might make him twist in the wind some in the meantime. Personally I’m doing just fine (for now anyway) here in Control Central, thank you very much.

Hugs all ‘round girls,


(continued in Part 3)


  1. I very interesting spin on the whole two-spirit body. It seems that He thinks Halle is someone to use as a front when He can't emotionally deal with some situations.
    But I think Halle is using He as her scapegoat, kind of like the devil made me to this; blame Him, not me. Just seems.

  2. Dear (Mistress) Halle,

    I am very much looking forward to hearing how these two parts converge, cohere and make a fuller whole.

    They will have to squabble no doubt, and that is healthy. They depend on each other though, yes?, and each have strengths to nurture.

    Hugs indeed, all 'round.

  3. Well, I can tell you Sarah, that if you think men and women are different, you haven't seen anything yet. These two don't even speak the same language. And being so different I guess blaming and using each other as an excuse might happen quite a bit.

    Petra, it would be very interesting to see convergence, but as the oversoul in this relationship I find it just amazing that they are finally articulating.

    I think the truth is that this blog has been their chance to open up a little and as much animosity as there is, it looks like good will is there too. It appears that we will all see how it goes.

    Thank you both for chiming in on the journey here. It can only help them sort themselves out you know!