"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

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Thursday 5 September 2013

(S)he said, (S)he said...

My friend Sarah from Britain and I write back and forth keeping each other up to date on family and how we are doing. Sarah is the author of the only guest post on this blog and a very popular one it is too. Her poem there, My Imaginary Friend is a beautiful autobiographical piece, written in the first person.

Sarah and I have often said we will write an instruction manual someday on living male in spite of our handicap. We may be getting closer. In a recent letter she commented that she felt certain my tone in our letters had become more masculine in recent weeks. She even demonstrated it using one of those gender genie programs that analyze writing style.

Yesterday you met the crusader in me. Today we have a gentler, more homogenized personality at the steering wheel, with righteous anger somewhat but not totally abated.

History is a hobby and passion for me. Anger made me think about how in our enlightened age there are still barbarians at the gate, and that thought made me .... well, you can read for yourself where all that anger and worry took me.

I've been anxious for a very long time about a number of indicators of the economic health of the world. These are very difficult times for so many, and especially but not just our young. These times remind me of times in the past that were breeding ground for ... let's just say, I see parallels and that makes me fearful.

I felt fearful, and powerless too. My only weapon at hand was this blog. I am very sorry to have used this mostly peaceful place as a hammer.

Yet, for me it is good news that I didn't filter. If felt right at the time, even if today it does seem over the top.

I resisted an impulse I felt last night to delete the post.

This is me, today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Two spirits getting closer to being able to speak as one it seems.

Sarah, I will save you time. Gender guesser says this post was written by a male.


  1. Well I for one am glad you did not delete your post. We are human, and it is the sharing of our humanity that is so important. If we fear the future, and we are not prepared to suppress our genuine feelings about it or anything else for that matter, so be it. Better that than some pseudo-optimism that refuses to face reality as we perceive it.

  2. Not sure I agree with this male/female thing, Halle. Your comments in this post could have been written by a man or a woman, and I know several of each who have made similar ccomments to me. Could it be that you're over-thinking this gender thing?

    Calie xxx

    1. What occurs to me is that depending upon the topic anyone might sound more make or female on a particular day.
      It is a minefield and so I'm likely going to write more on the topic! :-)