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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wondrous Times

Winter was never one of the guy's favourite times of year. You might guess from the title, all has changed. Perhaps it has to do with living in a paradise instead of a city (where I lived the first fifty years). It may be that right now embracing all of the wonders life sends seems to be so right and good. It is probably because there is so much to embrace when you see life from all sides, instead of narrowly.

Whatever has caused me to fall in love again, I wish I could capture my world for you. 

Here are photos for those who might wonder what it is like right now, and why one might actually love winter in Central Ontario Canada.


  1. Soothing wonderland - I picture you adding a log to keep the fire crackling in the stove.

  2. Indeed Ellena, the winter brings many pleasant sources of warmth. There is something very special about the heat and sound of a woodstove, isn't there?

  3. Clean fresh snow and fuel growing all about for the wood stove. I could get used to that.

    For the last couple of decades power cuts in the winter were rare and brief. Now I am dreaming of a wood stove in a small room as the outages become more common. just back after yet another...

    Something encouraging about this post...

  4. Love the bird feeder picture, Halle. Thanks for sharing.

    Calie xxx

  5. Gosh what lovely pictures, living on the damp western fringes of Wales we have little snow. It tends to cause delight if even a few snowflakes fall at least for the children. I'm a child in that respect too. thanks for sharing your lovely images.