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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Keeping Warm

Today is Solstice Day, like a Christmas gift from nature. In fact, let's be honest everyone, that is the origin of all other celebrations at this time of year. Its celebration predates all recorded religious rites, recorded in stone all over the world.

While there are likely readers who are in locations where the temperature will stay around 25 C, or 76 F in their homes without help from wood-stoves and furnaces, that is not the case where I live. Currently outside the temperature is hovering right at the freezing point. This past week I purchased some underwear that makes my old 'long-johns' look pretty sad. For those who do not know, long-johns are generally made of cotton, and are baggy. They do provide some warmth, but very little in the way of tactile comfort.

A week ago my wife and I were shopping in a grocery store in a nearby city. This grocery store has started to carry a line of clothing in the last few years (it is a 'Superstore' for those in Ontario) and we wandered into that part of the store to get my wife a thermal undershirt. I felt the material and immediately decided that I also needed one of those to try out, especially at the price; $12.

I am wearing it now while sitting around the house (blogging to you) and it is sooo very comfortable. The blend of materials is designed to wick moisture away, and hugs your skin like an all-over embrace. I paired this with some thermal tights. With these and a sweater, jeans and boots I can go walking outside and only have to make sure the ears are covered to be completely immune from the damp and cold, yet inside they continue to be comfortable. Oh brave new world…. 

When I was younger, such clothing would not have been available or acceptable for men. Now they are, and why not?

Clearly, I am not 'pushing the envelope' here as our friend Meg does in the 'underdressing' department. To be honest though, if she finds comfort in wearing a camisole under a shirt, why fuss? Why shouldn't mens socks be any colour and texture we want? I love flowers, so if I have them printed on my socks that should be my choice to make. I started wearing womens knee-high socks this past winter because I got tired of the ones that had elastic just above the ankle and just below the thickest part of my calf cutting into my leg then slipping down to bunch up around my ankles. The ones in the womens wear section are longer and fit just below the knee. They don't cut into my leg and they stay up.

Thinking back to some earlier comments, and comments I have been reading on other sites recently, it is interesting how some see a slippery-slope in doing the things our heart tells us we must. It may be true that getting in the habit of doing what exactly what you want to do with your body will lead right to a path you never expected. If that bothers you, do not change a thing, and for heavens sake stop that silly self-examination stuff.

Eliminate hair where you hate it: check

Wear close-fitting garments that make you feel like you are being hugged all over: check


  1. Hi Halle,

    I to have begun to ditch the old 'long johns' for something more comfortable. Last year I found some very soft feeling thermal tights that sound much like the ones you have. I love the way they hug my legs and how they wick away the moisture so I can wear them inside and out.

    Soooo much better than the old 'long johns...'


  2. Being hugged all over, nice...

    Yuletide greetings from a slightly warmer Scotland, what is going on with the weather?

  3. I have been wearing tights for years under my pants to keep warm. I totally get this.

    Have an amazing Christmas Halle, our thoughts are with you

  4. I'm trying to guess what you'll check off next. Whatever it will be - bon courage.

  5. The word verification was 'calins' which means hugs as far as I know.
    Ok - hugs to you.

  6. Merry Christmas, Halle and keep warm, fashionably.