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Thursday 14 February 2013

Hike Q

rose sunrise glow
        snowshoe crunch soft white explosions
                grouse in flight


  1. A world turned to slush
    road a series of potholes
    Summer hell awaits

    HiQs are fun...

  2. For those who visited when the post first went up, after some homework, I changed my quail to a grouse. Here is what the snow looked like after the bird flew away from its overnight shelter.


    Did I mention how great it is to learn something every day? :)

  3. coincidentally, I did a winter one this morning after a friend posted a photo of a deer she say yesterday...

    White silence of snow
    momentarily broken
    by the brown hind's hoof

    1. And you could illustrate your poem too! Such talent.

      I think I have seen that deer stamp its hoof.

      Lift ~ hesitate ~ and down.

  4. Do you write poetry? if yes you might be interested in this: http://kathryndumke.blogspot.ca/

    1. What you have seen here in the past two days is my 'collection' so far.

      You on the other hand have created some strong word pictures on your site. Thank you Kathryn. I enjoy poetry of all sorts.

  5. this is interesting: Alan Summers just tweeted a link, and I've been looking through it http://research.gendaihaiku.com/metrics/haikumet.html