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Thursday 27 February 2014

Another Ending ~ This By Choice

A few months ago, I was feeling that the time had come to sum things up, and let this collection stand for itself. 

In an email to a friend, this idea got mentioned and her advice to never say never prevailed; for now. 

Last weekend, an old friend posted "Garden in Transition". Not the sort of title that would lead you to think in terms of endings, so very typical of Caroline, who will play with her readers as she plays with words from time to time.

The thing is, it seems to me that she is very serious about this ending, for many reasons, not the least of which has to do with truly being done with trans-anything. 

Her blog has been a go-to place for me since my own search began. She intends to leave it up for anyone to stumble onto. I am nothing if not a helper. 

If you are a seeker in this backwater I like to call Blogistan, please go and stumble onto Caroline's TIME REGAINED. 
Start at the very beginning ... a very good place to start.... 


  1. I, too, am sorry to see Caroline stop blogging. I think the reason why is that I need to hear of the everyday life of someone who has transitioned. In a way, it's therapy for me, knowing that she did it and she's living a happy, normal life in a body she should have been born with.

    Our dear friend has gone the way of so many who have transitioned, however. There's simply nothing more to write about. They, come, they go, and then there's a new generation of writers.

    And then, there's us.....

    When Lori turned T-Central over to me, I jokingly told her that she did it because she knew I would be around for a long time....simply because it will be a long time before I begin transition, if ever.

    1. It seems to be difficult to convert a blog that began because you were trans into a blog about living whole.

      Calie, as you know having someone else who is going to be around for a long time is a blessing for those such as we.