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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Wish You Were Here

Hello from "The Great White North" of North America; Canada. Apologies to Cassidy and others who are also unexpectedly in the white this year, with none of the joys of being in Canada. Wish you were here!

Here in the land of ice and snow, we have a radio and television institution: CBC ~ Radio Canada. After last week's post, so down on the media, it is pleasant to be able to provide a contrast.

This past Thursday, the CBC program DOC ZONE aired Transforming Gender. If you missed it and live in Canada, the wonderful news is, you can link here and watch it anytime you like.

Transforming Gender is a fine documentary, that shows male and female transsexuals of varioius ages, and some parents of very young transsexuals telling their own stories. No narrator telling us what to think.

If you are not in Canada, you can still follow that same link to read about the documentary, and by following the links on the upper right of that page, under MORE ON THIS STORY, find out many of the details about those who spoke.

The review in the Toronto Star is not only about that documentary program, but about some other real change happening and being noticed here in Ontario. The columnist, Venay Menon begins with a story of the newly issued, and it seems, controversial Health and Physical Education curriculum from the province of Ontario. It seems that changes there intend that sex education in Ontario should reflect the real world, and in Venay's words:

"This new Health and Education curriculum is striving to make our children - wait for it - healthier and more educated."

Venay then goes on to call the CBC documentary "required viewing for everyone on either side of this week's sex-ed debate."

Right now I couldn't be prouder of that publicly funded old lady of the Canadian broadcasting world, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


  1. Times they are a changing...

    1. Come mothers and fathers
      Throughout the land
      And don't criticize
      What you can't understand

  2. Hi Halle,
    I recently listened to a broadcast, maybe even on the CBC about how they are going to deal with funding cuts by doing online delivery of media content. Well, this is sure a step up for them.
    And the program itself was fantastic. It does make me proud to be a Canadian and an Ontarian.
    "The True North Strong and Free"