"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Better World

There will be a better world - a caring and accepting world where being different won't be considered a crime or even make people afraid.

In that extraordinary world, you and I (not actually you and I but some two people who are like you and I in that future) will meet, fall in love and have our lives together. You will understand what it means that I am transsexual; that I am a woman who loves you and will care for both you and our children if we are lucky enough to have them. Nature gave me a body that seemed very wrong when I was younger, but that body will give us a chance to make our family together. 

You will bear our beautiful babies and I will be incredibly jealous. Then we shall each be both mother and father to them, and they will grow in a home filled with love.

But it is now and not then, so you and I must show the world who we are openly and happily. We shall do what we can to make that new and better world, one friend at a time, by showing those new friends they have nothing to fear from people who are different. 

If we are lucky, some day we shall see that better world together.


  1. Sometimes what you say is very difficult to accept. Whilst I am in agreement with you as far as a number of issues are concerned that include trans-sexuality, I struggle when it comes to matters of politics such as Brexit and the current US presidential elections. It may get worse next year when Germany, the Netherlands and France have their national elections. Right now I feel on very wobbly, sinking ground. Yet, when I read what others have said so very recently, I cannot deny that love can, and I believe will, overcome. But for how long? Is there no end to the enthusiasm of the negative powers in the world to fight the good and positives?

    1. Yes Tom, my focus in this post was definitely trans-related optimism. Brexit closely followed by President Trump both seem to defy the idea of growing goodwill.
      When it comes to our neighbours to the south, I have those same wobbly sinking feelings; not going there anytime soon.

  2. Hi Hallee and Tom,
    The fact you can talk about trans-related optimism is a positive but as to Trump /Pence and the Brexiters they are part of a growing revolution and as you know revolutions aren’t generally very nice. This one as you would gather is rooted in angst over very low and /or non-inclusive growth in many western economies and seeking a solution from the past.

    But you can’t escape a global world increasingly multiethnic and interdependent to trade outside of its borders. I think in a broken sort of way what will be put back together eventually will be better than the past. Trade deals will re-emerge and very few of those extreme policies I believe will see the light of day. If they do and reap havoc the exit from them one way or another will be swifter than the period of implementation. So dark clouds are gathering but eventually many will be singing in the rain again- ready for love.
    Best wishes

    1. Nodding my head at "... rooted in angst over very low and /or non-inclusive growth in many western economies ..." and wondering how badly some have failed an intelligence test by thinking that President Trump will somehow be the person to spread the wealth in that country; amazing lack of thought there.
      Following that line of thought, too many only know what they are told by the person holding the microphone, whether it be a politician or religious leader or talking head for some media giant. Until it is beneficial for the person or force behind the microphone to get onboard with your day of 'singing in the rain' I do not see it happening.
      Trans-related optimism might be coming from the hope that soon folk such as I might simply fly under the radar, because our numbers make it unlikely that anyone could make us a scape-goat for the collapse of the global economy. Sadly, I have been wrong before.

  3. We shall drink a quality ale together and clink our glasses with a heartfelt "Prost" on that day, dearest Halle!

    1. I shall seek you out on that wonderful day dear R!