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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Women Can

This past week I've been working on a DIY project. We own the special equipment required, and I have the expertise, so why not? More importantly, when the hunky guy came a month ago and gave us (two women with no man in sight) an estimate for the project, it was ridiculously expensive. 

The project is mostly complete now and it looks great, if I do say so myself. 

I knew when I told K "let me do this instead of paying way too much" that the time line would be the difficult part. The hunky guy ... let's call him HG ... would have done it in one day. It has taken me four days of actual work. There was a fairly long delay getting started. I had to give some thought to the steps needed; where to organize materials and so forth. Planning took a while. Having the flu didn't help a bit; there went two weeks. Moving heavy material about is something I didn't ever think I'd be doing again (my knees are telling me I'm not sixty anymore). I had almost forgotten measure twice, then measure again. You forget that at your peril ... I found that out today, but fortunately it was not a fatal mistake; I made it work. I'd forgotten the pleasure of rescuing a project that is about to go off the rails. I had forgotten a lot, but the remembering has been fun. 

HG might have suggested a reasonable price for his services. I am so pleased he did not (did I mention I've had fun?) and soon, we will have a very pretty addition to our family room, and two very happy ladies who know they don't always have to hire HG when they want something done.