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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

How To Be A Girl

In the spirit of the previous post, here is another "in the public service". 

Some good friends (thank you T & L) alerted me to this very well-produced podcast - How To Be A Girl.

Marlo Mack (a pseudonym) began sharing her and her transgender daughter’s story back in 2013, when her daughter was five. 

The first episode - Mama, I'm A Girl - was presented in June 2014. It is below in the cartoon version. Or you can find it and all others on Marla's webpage. She also has a blog, gendermom, with lots of goodies. I have checked and new posts of gendermom appear on T-Central. 

I have only listened to the first four episodes myself, so I'm going to head back and listen to more before supper. Based on those few early ones, I just had to alert anyone who might stop by. 

How to Be a Girl from gendermom on Vimeo.

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