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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Skylar's Story

I often wonder what I can do to educate others about transsexualism. More importantly today I ask how a blog post can help someone whose child comes to them and reveals that they have been forced to pretend to be someone they aren't.

Some parents might not have the time to read a great book on the subject. A blog might not be able to help them. But a beautifully made, award winning* video, short and to the point, might be the perfect solution. 

I lived behind a mask for a long time, so it heartens me to see someone able to articulate their own need to live an authentic life before they reach puberty. Even more so to see parents and most of a small community come together to support that young person as they begin living the life they should. 

Skylar is fourteen. She is wise beyond her years. Take the time to hear her story in her own words, here, thanks to The National Film Board of Canada and film-maker Rachel Bower. 

p.s. I have heard from the NFB that some videos are 'geo-blocked' so that viewing outside Canada is impossible. Please let me know in the comments if you have any difficulty. I may be able to get an exemption. 

I Am Skylar by Rachel Bower. Presented by the National Film Board of Canada

I Am Skylar by Rachel Bower. Presented by The National Film Board of Canada

*1st Prize in the Documentary Short Film category - Children’s Jury. International Children’s Film Festival, Chicago 2020

Best Documentary. Silver Wave Film Festival, Fredericton 2020

Best Short Film Award. Common Good Film Festival, La Verne 2020

2nd Prize in the Documentary Short Film category - Professional Jury. International Children’s Film Festival, Chicago 2020

Best Documentary Short Film. Children’s Film Festival, Seattle 2020

Best Atlantic Short Documentary. FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival, Halifax 2019


  1. During our time, we had neither the language nor the fortitude to express what we felt and so buried it to make ourselves fit in. As hard as it is to be trans at least these kids can be caught early and their behaviour taken seriously instead of castigated with derision.

    I am glad that children like Skylar will be spared decades of denial before finally arriving at self acceptance.

    1. Spared denial, and able to live a full life as themselves. I love how Skylar is already, at fourteen, integrating her past into her present; not afraid to accept what for us was a subject of derision, as you say. Wonderful.