"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Life~Style Choice

This is quite likely the nastiest and in my humble opinion, stupidest (I don't use that word lightly) description that can be used to attempt to put down a transsexual.

Stupid in so very many ways, not the least of which is, how could anyone believe someone would put themselves through such a total upheaval of their life and the lives of every person close to them for a "life-style choice"???

Because I do not believe stupidity is part of our nature when we are born, I wonder, where does this "life-style choice" nonsense come from?

Part of the answer came as a result of a television commercial. 

At first I simply dismissed it as annoying. It offended me, but I wasn't sure why this offended me more than usual. 

I started to think about the people in that room and their assessment of the qualities of a man they didn't know anything at all about. I started to think about how they resembled a herd of sheep. Some sort of domesticated version of the human race. 

Carefully taught that appearance is everything.

Carefully taught, so they are convinced that how to act and dress and even what vehicle they want, is something they have chosen in order to have that special look they need.

Taught that everything important is a life-style choice and if you are good at choosing, and work hard to get all of these things, you too can be happy, and well-thought of... 


  1. But there are some things that are best let go. Our spiritual energy is too important to waste.

    1. You are correct of course. The nonsense of the world sucks at me sometimes and I forget to let it go. Thank you for this reminder dear Tom.

  2. Is that a cross dressing truck? Surely it is never even going to get its tires dirty and the interior is more suited to silk than jeans. If it is a truck it is for someone with a strange split personality.

    1. Ruby, you are right! Didn't pay attention to what a "pretty" truck it is.

  3. Living your life according to what you think you're supposed to want is a tragedy.

    Radiohead summed this up perfectly:


    == Cass

    1. Oh Cassidy! There is nothing quite like a good piece of art to make you really think is there? I am feeling quite devastated at the moment reflecting upon the culture I see around me.