"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

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Monday 3 October 2011

My Freak Flag is Getting Itchy

Some might have noticed a badge down the right side of this blog.


It is not so much a statement as it is a goal and a reminder. What it means to me right now is that I accept that when making a choice, it is better to boldly accept my flaws rather than try to mask them.

In so many ways being who the world tries to make you be is wrong, yet too often because I am still avoiding shame or some other pain, I hide that real person for just one more day.

Brené Brown calls it your Freak Flag.

We all need to accept it; nobody is perfect. None of those people I am hiding my shame big bright flag from think I am perfect now. Heck, they have their own flags. Oh yes, so do you. Admit it. Maybe my world is just waiting for me to raise mine high. Maybe some will run away from this freak at first, but I am becoming more convinced that it might encourage them to show the world their own.

After all, some really nice people seem to think Halle is ok around here. It has to mean something, doesn't it?


  1. Almost cut my hair

    David Crosby CSN&Y

    Almost cut my hair
    It happened just the other day
    It was getting kind of long
    I could have said it was in my way

    But I didn't and I wonder why
    I feel like letting my freak flag fly
    And I feel like I owe it to someone

    It was the first time I heard the expression "freak flag fly" and this song is still counting for me.
    And yes you do too, Halle

  2. Halle, you made my day. You are more than ok in my eyes and that makes me a nice person.
    Heavy flag this is. I washed mine so often that it shrank considerably. Wish I had started the washing earlier. Easier to fly it when small.

  3. Thanks for the musical connection Corinna!

    @Ellena; :D

  4. Or perhaps not so much your flaws (or anyone's) as simply who you are. Those things you're hiding might be virtues!

  5. Ariel, that is so true for anyone, and adds an urgency to 'coming clean' doesn't it?

    To paraphrase a friend commenting on an earlier post, 'Why survive on dry dog food and water when you can have steak hot off the grill with a little red wine?'

    Hiding our light is a bit like offering a poor substitute for the 'real thing'.
    Thank you for point that out. :)

  6. Fly, always fly! And what flaws?

  7. Halle,

    Recently I posted to my FB page a pic with the caption, "I am who I am. Your approval is not needed." If I am concerned about how I am received by others, I find that being at ease with myself is the best way to get there. Caio.


  8. Accepting ones flaws would be a great humility. Great thoughts indeed Halle!

  9. Nice, Halle.

    @Corinna - Ooh....love the musical connection!

    Calie xxx

  10. Yes, absolutely. I strongly empathise with this resolution!

    It's good to discover this excellent blog. I also really like the sending of ideas to younger self notion.

    Deborah x

  11. @Kathryn, you are correct of course. Most people would not even notice my 'flaws'. What really would bun them off would be something truly amazing about me that they wouldn't understand! :)

    Absolutely no approval needed. Love it Sarah.

    Thank you Robert and Calie. And Deborah, I am enjoying your mirror sister brother too. Thanks for your support.

    Hugs to all.