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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Seeking Connection

When pondering the complexity of life and how guided we all feel at times, it is hard to resist the idea that some higher power must be in control. So, is Aadi an angel, or some sort of spiritual guide, or just a product of an imaginative person under the influence of hormone-suppressing chemicals?

After Aadi left, I sat for the longest time (in a dream that might mean hours or seconds in 'real time') wondering about that 'tree' and what it meant to be part of a whole that somehow represented all of the possibilities of one spark of life, my spark, started sixty years ago from my perspective, but somehow transcending time-frames. Why does it matter? What does this experience have to offer me other than some insight into the gears and such that make the clock tick?

A slight shift in focus revealed other trees in different colours from mine intertwining. Branches of different colours often seemed to touch. Were those encounters random, or somehow planned? 

We all get inspiration from somewhere, and it often moves us in a direction that seems random at the moment, then somehow it turns out to be important later. We look back and cannot believe our good fortune that we followed a 'gut instinct' to go somewhere, or do something. 

Do we all have access to a version of Aadi? 

Where would I have been on that great tree if every day I had taken time to listen to that inner voice's nudges? There is a good chance I will never know that, but maybe paying attention from here onward might give me some idea.

Morning meditation ended and time to get on with this day on this branch of tree Halle.

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