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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tuck and/or Nip?

It's possible this has never come up here, but it is a topic that has occupied a great deal of my thoughts as I came to understand my feelings and needs as a late blooming transsexual. The topic today has to do with the pros and cons of the use of surgery as a remedy.

From the perspective of this blog the obvious surgical remedy has to do with correcting ones sex. There is all kinds of information that says the success of this procedure depends upon remediation of other co-related issues such as voice, hair, body structure, as well as co-related mental issues. Transition is never something to take lightly.
Another necessary transition and an aspect less emphasized by many (I love to read Lucy's blog because she definitely has not ignored this or any other aspect), is the mental shift from making your way as a male to making your life as a female. There are a lot of these aspects that would be a no brainer given a mind that already works in many ways the way it should, but as old as I am, there is a lot of 'being a woman' that will still be difficult to capture, including coming to grips with a lack of female history, but especially in areas of beauty, positive self-image and their good friend sexual desire.

This brings me to another surgical remedy. As women age,and gravity has its way, there is a danger that positive self-image begins to slide and when compounded with the need to compete against younger women for employment or social status, many turn to the cosmetic surgeon for a boost.

Fact is, at my age, most women have, or are having to come to grips with their own transition of sorts, realizing no amount of cosmetic or hair colour or surgery can give them the life of a thirty-something or younger again. It seems to me it is important to do this 'coming to grips' with a grace and style the individual alone can develop and sustain.

Here is a link to a related article on making peace with aging as a woman that my spouse and I found interesting in the blog Total Image Consultants.

Another blog all about style and grace as we age is ADVANCED STYLE. This collection has certainly made me rethink my impressions of how worthwhile it would be, even with all its challenges, to fulfill a heart's desire at an advanced age.

These are issues best understood well before one is forced to deal with them, but better late than never.
Did I really write that?


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    1. Thank you Jay. Being seen as sensible and thoughtful has sometimes been seen as a criticism here, so it is refreshing to read encouragement in that area too. As your two women have found being happy with oneself should be our goal. Stripping away layers of impediment has taken so long for me. It seems the remnants of maleness are becoming more subtle, and that has made me very happy indeed.
      While I am writing this thank you, your 'not never gonna' (love it) post is very thought-provoking. Good luck on your journey too and well done on your blog.

  2. Good blog, Halle! ...I'd say more but I think Jay said it all.

  3. I could almost ask "what's a mirror". Never had time to notice my aging appear and now that it is starring at me, I am happy not having noticed it earlier ( and I am sooooo much older than you, Halle). All is fine.

    1. Ellena, your photo and your blog both reveal that you model the grace and style I wrote about in this post.
      I imagine you and my alter ego Beth would have much in common; happy in their skin.