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Friday, 22 November 2013

A Gift of Confidence and Understanding

It has often occurred to me that transgender folk are among the most understanding and caring people in the world. Oh, we get angry and go on rants. Mostly we get frustrated by the stubbornness of others in assuming the worst about anyone who does not fit into their tidy binary gender world. Let's face it, we don't fit, no matter how we exhibit our true natures. 

A new blogger has appeared on the scene. She commented on T-Central last weekend. I have met a lot of wonderful people by following the links back to their blog from a comment. Aponee is a wonderful writer, with so much to say.

From her first week, 

The transgender gift: CONFIDENCE!!! 

is only one of several posts that declare that here is a person who will not be apologizing to anyone for being who she is. 

Head over to her blog, and read all of what she has had to say in a matter of two short weeks. 

Thank you for the comment Aponee, and welcome to the blogging world. 

P.S June 2021: Sadly, the blog that was there, is no longer. This is the sad part of blogging. So many remove their story rather than leaving it up so that others can learn something. 


  1. Thanks for the link. As I said over there, the problem of humanity is the focus on difference. If you were not a transgender, some other characteristic would have been pinpointed to mark you out as being different. For all its bluster, the human race as a whole is a very frightened species. And for all the differences that can separate us, if we are foolish enough to let them, the one difference that too many people cannot handle is gender.

    1. Tom that is it exactly. Fear of the unknown or unexpected is such a corrosive force.
      Perhaps it would help if everyone recognized some part of themselves that is wonderfully different, unique to them even, and then imagined how painful it would be to be told that this wonderful part of them made them a freak.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing :) kisses