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Monday, 7 April 2014

Pamper the Donor Body

This picture is included for the squeamish, so the photo that blogger puts up won't gross anyone out.

from Lipstick, Shoes and Parties *

I promised Caroline this post a month ago, when she rescued me with some great advise.
Thanks to her, my feet aren't ugly, well, not as ugly as they were a month ago, anyway.
And speaking of self-image, there is nothing like really sore feet to make you feel miserable and un-ladylike!

Before and after photos are included below the fold. Not pretty, almost a month ago,  is what my right heel was. Uuuugly! And so sore I could hardly walk on it.

I told Caroline about it, and sent her before photo.... she recommended soaking in antiseptic, followed by scrub, and topped off with a cream that contains urea as its main ingredient.

Do you know what urea is? Just urine!! It seems that the ancient Romans knew all about the healing properties of urine. If you are interested references are easy to find. For our purposes, it is enough to know that urine will kill off fungus that causes athlete's foot, and it leaves your skin soft and healthy.

I promised Caroline this post. So here it is! Just look at the after shot and you will know that I intend to continue using the cream I found. Oh, the cream I used is Gold Bond Foot Cream.

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  1. Oh NOOOOOO! It hurts just looking at it. I'm glad the treatment succeeded. I cover my heels with 'AKILEINE' cream ever so often and wear a thin white cotton sock at night to prevent this.
    I know another problem that can be healed with urine. Poison ivy rash. My daughter's severe rashes used to brake out in her face. It doubled up in seize. Someone said that urine makes miracles. I told her that we need to collect some urine for the drugstore to be analyzed. When I applied it on her face I told her it was a special tea.
    And, my father the Greek told me that if new shoes hurt a bit one needs to p.. into them.
    I guess you learned not to let it go that far anymore. Dry skin loves tons of cream.
    (the robot word was crude)

    1. Oh I do wish there was some control over robot world!

      A variation on the socks at night idea that I sometimes have used this month is to put cream on them wrap my feet in plastic wrap then socks over that. Smooth!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I will remember to take good care of them from now on. Promise! :-)

  3. My first thought was....ewwwww! But, I'm happy for you, Halle. It certainly doesn't surprise me that our good friend, Caroline, suggested the idea.

    1. I seem to recall that was Caroline's reaction too! Thanks Calie.