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Friday 16 October 2015

The First is Always the Best

Because I didn't do anything special, it is oh so sweet.

The day started with lots of chores to do, so I put on a tee shirt and light sweater and jeans... brushed my hair and went to work. 

Sweetie told me that D____ was coming in a while to give her a ride to her luncheon. 

I had just come in from shaking out the mat at the front door when I heard a knock on the front door. Looking through the window, I could see it was D____ so I called to the back of the house to alert J_____, and went over to open the door. 

As I was opening it, D____ was already talking: 
"Sorry to bother you but I'm looking for... "then a wide eyed pregnant pause that I interrupted with "Hi D____ come on in. J______ is expecting you."

Eyes still wide she closed her mouth then opened it again to say 
"(insert guy name) !!!?????? I am SO SORRY!! I saw a woman shaking out that mat and thought this was the wrong house.

"No problem D_____" says I, with the start of a grin that didn't fade for a long time. 

In reality, I wanted so much to give her a big hug and tell her she made my day. 

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  1. Expect more of these encounters as time goes on. Arm yourself with a handful of sayings fun catchy replies so that these encounters end on a humours 'high' note. This breaks the ice and keeps the water from freezing over.
    Abi xoxo