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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Coming out of my shell

A dear friend of mine gave me this reminder that she loves that I too am coming out of my shell these days. 

This little friend is made from a tagua nut. It feels like ivory and indeed, on this webpage they explain that the tagua is sometimes called 'vegetable ivory' for that reason. 

At one time 20% of the buttons manufactured in the United States were made from this material. Plastic made that seem obsolete. We know better of course, but if something costs more, we know it matters little to a business that the product is sustainable, and the harvesting employs workers in some far-off land. 

As for my little friend in the photo, I know someone actually held a nut in their hand and that hand was guided by their mind and heart with skill and beauty. 

Somehow, that matters a lot.

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