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Tuesday 3 August 2010

Good News - Do You Really Want Know?

We all know that there are times when GD becomes intolerable. We seek out the support of others who have been or are going through those same challenges. There have been times when that support has been essential for me. It has been a joy for me to know that at times this site and my scribbles have served as such an aid to others. There is no intent here to remove any of the archived materials, but what might I further contribute here if I really have learned how to maintain the façade as I set out to do?

From my point of view, this is my ultimate good news story. Just because I do not express my gender confusion externally does not mean I feel any less a bond with those who do. It is obvious I may never have the need to transition, since a ‘real life experience’ is the very furthest thing from my plan. I am painfully reminded daily what I am missing, but I'm seeing the world through a new pair of eyes and processing everything so differently. It has stopped mattering to me that nobody else knows me, just as at my age it has stopped mattering that I will never be able to win the Canadian Open! There are some regrets we all have in life. Part of getting older is learning to accept them and find ways to live a positive existence. Maybe we become coaches. Maybe we just cheer from the sidelines. It is important to move forward and be as positive as we can be.

Emma over at Breaking Free of the Bud has a post today ‘Bad Support’ in which she relates the lack of support that good news stories seem to get. I admit to you all that lately it has been a concern of mine that this site may die a slow death because the contributor is not feeling any angst lately.

Isn’t that good? ☺


  1. Hi Halle,
    Please don't let your site die a slow death, your observations and insights are so valuable to us. Being at peace with ones self is important and you seem to have arrived. Keep up the good writing!


  2. On my screen the words "Angst ridden" don't appear to show up in the blog title.

    Perhaps that means you can show the world Halle's happy side too.

    Caroline xxx

  3. Thank you for that reminder Caroline!



  4. Whoever said your blog had to be only about angst ridden gender issues? I'd be happy read about anything you feel like writing about.

    Melissa XX

  5. Hi Halle,
    I hope your blog does not die a slow death, It's great to read and if you are happy even better.
    Have fun
    Karen x

  6. Hi Halle, love the redesign- the pink background was a bit tough on my ageing eyes
    Happy posts and blogs are great, so don't stop. Angst hits us all but if there are no "up"s then its all rather monotonous. Claire