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Saturday 20 February 2016

Deaths in the Family

A little over a week ago, there were two deaths and neither of them were immediately apparent to me. The first to report here and, in fact, the first I was aware of, was my dear blogging friend Ellena. She authored Ellena's Cocologie.

She also added her thoughts here so often and to such good effect. 
Ellena changed my life very certainly by her clever observations and friendship, but also by her very presence here as a friend of Two Spirits. 
With Ellena's comments and friendship others came to visit and stay. She was the very first non-transgender person to stop and stay. That changed me fundamentally into a real person. Ellena helped me find me

I want so much to keep this post short, the way Ellena would. She had (almost wrote 'has'.. sigh) such an economical way of saying things quite profoundly at times and simply spot on - always. 

Needless to say, but I will say it, I am going to miss Ellena very, very much. I wished many times she and I could meet and now that I am finally me, it would have been even sweeter. Perhaps in some other reality if the goddess permits it. 

Yes, that same day there was another death but not one I shall mourn. Yet I know others who do and it makes me so very sad to know they really think that they have lost something. He is truly gone since he was me. 

You might as well move along if it is the guy you want to see. He doesn't live here anymore.  

Ruhe in Frieden, lieber Ellena.


  1. Liebe Halle! Ja, we will miss her, do miss her already. Such an open heart. Whichever reality she is in now, I'm certain she's joining us in prosting the departure of D.

    Cheers, my friend!

    1. I believe she is doing just that. Cheers my dear friends!

  2. I found it impossible to plumb the depths of her kindness and humour. She was one whose character would have merited a lifetime's exploration, and still have a surprise or two in store.

  3. While I never knew your friend Ellena, I'm sorry to hear she's left this reality. It's amazing the empty spaces great hearts leave behind them.