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Tuesday 2 February 2016

Look Who is in the Driver's Seat!

It will be five years ago in May that I wrote these words in a post titled J'ecris donc J'exist!:

I know and really understand that I write to exist. If I ever stop writing, it will mean one of two things. Either I have stopped existing, or, I have decided to start driving the car, and have no need to write anymore.

Thank you to whoever it was who decided to look at that post today six times, or perhaps six different people saw it, or some combination. You drew attention to it in the statistics to the point where I needed to read it again.

Ne crains pas , j'existe!


  1. It's a strange feeling reading old posts that we've written from several years ago. Sometimes I don't even recognise my own "voice", others times it seems as relevant now as it did then.

    1. It is true for me too Joey.
      So often this happens; an old post suddenly gets a lot of hits, and when I read it, the message it holds is a new one. A letter from the past written to me of all things.

  2. Alternatively, it's a little difficult to write with a glass of delightful red wine in your hand.