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Thursday 3 January 2019

Those Who Study History

K and I make a good team. For instance, she has been editing my posts for a couple of years now, which explains the improvement in my grammar and use of commas, especially. 

From time to time, something she notices on the internet is a source of inspiration here. That is the case today. 

Perhaps it was just a coincidence that these two made their way to my computer in the same week as the previous post, one that is slightly preachy, I suppose. 

This one hits very close to home however:

"Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it.
Yet those who do study history are doomed to stand by helplessly
 while everyone else repeats it."

Oh, and this afternoon was lots of fun. Joanna and I met again for lunch. She is a good friend. 


  1. It seems to me that what you say about history is true much closer to home as well. When I look around me and see people making all the old, dysfunctional mistakes [doesn't it become such a bore, eventually?] I realise that they are blind to their own, inner history. They do not read and cannot therefore 'see'. One cannot deny when one is freed from denial.

    1. GrandDad always taught me to never worry about making mistakes, because that is how we learn. "... just don't make the same mistake over and over!
      I shall have to think that last sentence over some and report back. I love how you make me think Tom!

  2. True, but as you no doubt appreciate, by studying history that also implies multiple reference to related subjects. So it is an ongoing feast, with an enhanced understanding, the more we study it in correlation with other disciplines.
    The statistics side to history can be quite complicated.

    Having said that, I do agree, seeing the same mistakes repeated, that might be avoided otherwise, likens me to conclude one is unlikely to want to take an eternal life pill if one such becomes available in the future, for the sheer frustration of seeing history eternally repeated. One can garner empathy with the bearded one in the cartoon.
    Even so, don't you also think that a lot of our history was written by the victors. Those biased accounts are constantly subject to correction in the so called history wars.
    By way of example, I was taught at school a lot if stuff on Australian aborigines which was appalling. Not their fault of course, as it was history then.
    It would be nice if life was a little more straightforward, don't you think? but being a human being was never easy.
    Yes, I noticed how well punctuated and articulate your writing is, so thanks to your partner.
    Best wishes

  3. As a mathematician, I can only agree wholeheartedly that the statistical side of any subject, while complicated, is essential.

    I have passed along your comment to K, and she smiled at that.

    If I do have a long life, perhaps in that time I will learn to relax and accept the foibles of my fellow travellers. One of the great pleasures of the internet for me is the ability it gives to read primary materials, and that way, bypass those who will write, or have written the history.
    Best to you too.

  4. I love it and so true!

    Years ago I remember feeling so sorry for you when you were so isolated from others who are like minded. Seeing you now with K, Joanna, Caroline, etc., just gives me a warm smile. I'm so happy for you Halle.

    Calie xx

    1. I appreciate how very lucky I am. Thanks Calie! xx