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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Self-Acceptance Runs Amok!

Arms on her hips, staring down at the scales, groaning from their encounter with 'Mr. Bulky', she exclaims “I come back after a couple of weeks and what do I find? Bulges where I left a nice flat landscape, that is what. Time for a bit of discipline boy, before we end up looking like a old man, of all things!”

Yes friends, she is a bit peeved at me, my female half is, for a certain lack of concern for the shared 'digs' we occupy here in the land of Halle. I don't blame her. Over the holidays I have been 'making rather merry' and put on a bit over five pounds (2.5 kilos for my international friends) while visiting and hosting and generally forgetting that 'a moment on the lips makes a lifetime on the hips'!

As anyone over the age of forty will testify, it takes months of care to undo a couple of weeks of carelessness. Too late to whine; time to get back to a disciplined way of living. Good sensible portions, lots of water and exercise.

Move over 'slimzilla', I am coming to visit! :-)




  1. Some lucky people are just naturally thin (I secretly hate them!), but for us others, the battle of the bulge, is a war without end.

    Good luck with your exercise and portion control!

    Melissa XX

  2. In younger days, I used to brag that I could eat all I wanted and not gain a gram. Everyone I mentioned that to said it wouldn't last. They were right. This was also in the day where I would bicycle all around the place. These days the bike is in the back yard between 2 sheds with a small tree growing through the spokes. And I am not the super slim type I was in my younger days.

    Not everybody can have a petite figure. To be honest, I don't mind having a fuller figure. It seems to fit my personality. :)


  3. I think very few people come through the holidays without at least a bit to show for it. That's why fitness centres run specials in January. :)

  4. Yup, the holidays are over and the 'right, I have to start behaving now' kicks in.

    It doesn't help that the weather is too servere to exercise (I tried yesterday with my other half and we had to give up after 400m or so as the road was too slippy to stand on).

    Good luck over the next couple of months!


  5. .....me too! Tuesday will see me back in the gym.....but of course the house is still full of Christmas delights, and I have a sweet tooth. Good luck Halle and happy 2011.

  6. 'Twas the season of chocolate, rum & eggnog, shortbread, mincemeat for me.Don't you just love a new year full of restricted calories and forced movements? Ugh!

    Happy New Year Halle, all the best in 11


  7. Thanks for all the support and 'commiseration' here. ;)

    An interesting thing is that these days my resolve pays off more than it ever did when I was in deep denial. I look forward to being fitter and trimmer again. The idea of sticking with the plan does not seem a bit odious.


  8. Hey Halle! Me too! You can't go through the holidays without eating, drinking and being merry!

    Not worried, though. This is the time of year when I do blow the diet. Exercise and eating right the rest of the year pretty much takes care of it.

    Calie xxx