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Wednesday 16 June 2010

Not A Destination

I keep hearing a little girl voice asking, Daddy are we there yet? Mommy are we there yet? When will we beeeee therrrrre???

Recently I was challenged by a friend to come up with words of wisdom gleaned from my harvest while traveling here in Blogistan (BTW it was the luscious Petra Bellejambes who gave this place it’s name, as far as I know. I first used it in my May 2 post ‘A Letter To Young Halle’). So here is my wisdom at this point (wait for it)...
I don’t know the answer.
Some days I am not sure what the question is.

Therefore, since I have no answers, here is my advice (remember this is a free service; caveat emptor):

Continue with the journey and keep a journal.

I can highly recommend that you join in with others here who document and share their observations about the countryside and locals. You are unique, so you will notice things others have missed. It will do you good, and we will appreciate being reminded or told about them. Personally, I love hearing about the places I have been seen through others’ eyes. I especially love being told stories of the ‘road less traveled’.

Slow down. When you travel too fast, like glimpses of a panorama you get while driving, insights flash into view teasing, taunting only to be gone when you try to ‘take their picture’.

The bottom line; do not get your hopes up for the quick fix. Live it a day at a time. Be on the lookout for joy when you can find it. Be especially happy for times when you can lend a virtual or real helping hand to another traveler.

No sweetie, we are not there yet. Maybe later we’ll stop for a treat. Would you like that?


  1. Halle, you are a complete charmer. I suspect that I was the umpteenth inventor of the phrase. I see references going back as far as 2003.

    I will take credit for Drabistan, which is the land I occupy in the too too hot summer months.

    When I hear myself referred to as luscious though, I quickly retreat to Blushistan.

    Fine advice m'dear... many thanks

    xxoo - Petra

  2. Your first sentence has sent me back to 1975 or '76, seated between my warring sisters on the back seat of a blue Austin Allegro and hoping to be the first to see the sea.

  3. It remind me of our 'honeymoon' trip that we took on our first Anniversary. We did a 4 day road trip without any particular route or destination except getting back to our front door in one piece.

    Our 'rules' were no specific route, if we came to a crossroad, we would flip a coin as to which way to go. NOT fast food but eat at the local places of which we discovered some great food, Like the roast beef at Tony's 24 hr wrecker and Restaurant and the Cafe of the 7 Devils at the foot of Grandfather Mountain.

    We found ourself in Abingdon VA, and went to the Barter Theatre and saw Dracula, wonder production.

    All in all a wonderful sight filled trip.


  4. @Petra; ah Blushistan, a place you had me visiting with your 'increased curb appeal' comment not so long ago!

    @Jenny; sweetie and I were on the receiving end of the back seat whine crew not so many years after you and your sisters were traveling together. Good times.

    @Sarah; when you take your time and just let things happen, the serendipity takes over sometimes.

  5. Halle - I am afraid that I have a contrarian point of view regarding my particular journey. We all travel different paths and none is better than the others, but for me I have no particular desire to stop and enjoy the sights. I have a destination in sight.

    While there are times for traveling winding country roads for this journey of mine I choose the Interstate. I can no longer deal with the stress of travel and for me this road needs to take me to my destination quickly. And later I'll come back and smell the roses I missed.

  6. Sophie, you have been on the journey for a while haven't you? I am sure if a destination looms large on the horizon, I might be 'hitting the interstate' too.

    Hopefully you will come back, smell the roses and report on what the 'Emerald City' is like, too!



  7. Lol, long? It all depends on how one looks at it. From one viewpoint you could say that I have been on this journey for 53 years. But looking at in the manner we normally would, no. I count my transition as having started last July and I intend to take a trip to Thailand next March.

    The bell rings for each of us in different fashion. Mine rang for me particularly hard last summer after my spouse passed away. And sanity would not allow a leisurely journey.

  8. Late reading this (as usual). Now, I thought I had finally figured out who coined the word "Blogistan". Petra...it made perfect sense! But, I see from her comment that this is not the case. So, for now, I will continue to credit Halle, with honorable mention to Petra for planting the seed.

    Oh, and are we there yet?

    Calie xxx