"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

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Saturday 29 May 2010

Expand Your World Girl!

How we participate in this world, in my humble opinion, determines what good we get from it. It is true for anyone. It seems to me that those of us who have two spirits living inside need interaction with others at both levels to be successful as a human being.

I was a surfer for many months before I took up the challenge that was included in an article by one of our sisters here in Blogistan (you know who you are girlfriend) and I sent out that first email.

Give and take is the essence of a true life. I can divide my life as Halle into two very distinct parts. Chronologically determined by that one event, these two sides are more correctly described as internal and external Halle. Internal Halle dressed occasionally and felt empty. External Halle is not as concerned about the dressing and is a living and breathing person. She is someone who has others who she is getting to know, and they are getting to know her. She has issues that engage her and she cares deeply about her world, because she HAS a world to care about.

Please, if you are like I was, give it a try. Reach out to someone in Blogistan whose story touches you. Tell them something of yourself and what it is about their story you relate to. Let it be known that you welcome interaction. Take a risk. Expand your world girl.



  1. I know I live for comments and very much enjoy interactions with everyone. I think we should all be more open and honest with each other as it brings so much more to life.


  2. I love getting comments, and love giving comments. But most of the time I am either catching up on blogs early in the morning, or when I have a spare 5 mins and my muse abandons me...

    The same thing can happen when trying to send out emails (both as male me or Stace).


  3. Well said, Halle. I treasure the fact that three girls have taken their first steps by emailing me. I have never done anything more important in Blogistan than encouraging them. I hope folks can always tell that I have my hand out, waiting to pull up anyone that grabs hold. Thank you for paying it forward.

  4. Halle...well said. I reach out to many and have made many friends as a result. I also love receiving emails from those who are looking for someone to talk to. Many are not even bloggers, but read what we write and want to let me/us know.

    Calie xxx